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The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C is a full-service law practice which provides efficient, cost-effective representation in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our law office is renowned for providing committed and result-driven service. Whether you are in need of a Criminal Defence Lawyer for a Drug Possession Charge or an experienced personal injury attorney to help fight a Dog Bite incident, we can give you the representation that you deserve.

No matter what your legal needs may be, we are willing and prepared to take all the necessary steps to obtain the best possible outcome. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in all areas of practice, allowing them to develop effective and logical defenses to reach a speedy resolution for your complicated legal matters. We are successful in representing clients looking to fight an insurance company after a Car Accident, those who have received a Traffic Ticket or clients dealing with the aftermath of Medical Malpractice.

Law Firm in Northeast Philadelphia

The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin P.C provide clients with an individualized and aggressive form of representation to help solve their legal needs. If a client is seeking counsel in the event that they become entangled in our country’s complex system of Immigration Laws, we can offer expert legal representation to fight for you and your family. Our firm is capable of dealing with any legal situation you could face by using our skills and experience to get the compensation you deserve.

The legal professionals at our firm can provide clients with the finest of legal representation in order to achieve the best possible outcomes that adhere to our clients’ best interests. Our attorneys can help you find the answers you need in every area of law, from Divorce & Family Law needs to Workers' Comp Rights. In cases where other law firms would only be willing to settle, we will take your case to court, and fight for your legal rights.

Why Choose Us?

Our history of success results from our extensive time our legal team has spent in court, accumulating experience at both the state and federal level in Pennsylvania. We take pride in tailoring an intimate, personal approach to reach effective solutions, obtaining the best results possible for their client’s individual needs.

Having a dedicated, experienced lawyer to help you defend your case will considerably increase your chances of receiving the legal compensations that you deserve. Schedule an appointment today at our firm to speak with one of our legal professionals about your case. Suffering from a Personal Injury and can’t get to us? Our lawyers can come to you to speak about your circumstance at home or at the hospital, we are here to meet your unique legal needs and ensure that you get results.

The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin P.C. offer free initial consultations with one of our attorneys in all practice areas. Please give us a call today: 215-673-7733 (Philadelphia).

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