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Driving While Suspended in Pennsylvania is a serious traffic offense. If you are cited with Driving While Suspended, you are facing a mandatory one year license suspension.

In addition to the License Suspension, this kind of traffic ticket carries with it escalating penalties. After your sixth conviction, you are facing a mandatory 30 day jail sentence.

How do I fight my ticket?

There are a variety of ways to fight traffic citations.

First, there may be a defect in the way the Traffic Ticket was written. As a result, you or your lawyer can point out the defect in the citation. If it is a material defect, you can win the case by challenging the ticket itself.

Second, when fighting a ticket, you can insist on cross examining the officer to refute the officer’s account of the incident. Police officers are human beings and have all the potential failings of human beings such as memory lapses. The key to winning your case is to exploit any inconsistencies and get the officer to agree with you on them.

Finally, there may be procedural ways to fight your case. For example, to prove a Driving While Suspended citation, prosecutors have to establish that you had notice that you were suspended. As a result, prosecutors need to introduce evidence that PennDOT mailed you a Suspension letter and that you actually received it. There are also other procedural ways you can fight your case.

Philadelphia Driving While Suspended Lawyer

While you do not need a lawyer to fight your Driving While Suspended case, it would certainly benefit you if you used an attorney’s services. An experienced traffic attorney can easily find defects in citations and effectively cross examine officers on both the facts of your case and any defects contained in the citation.

An attorney would be able to properly introduce evidence showing you did not have knowledge of a suspension and cite the appropriate case law.

Lawyer Philadelphia Driving While Suspended

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