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In Pennsylvania, you can get divorced in two ways: Fault or No-Fault. Within No-Fault, there are 2 more distinctions: No-Fault due to written consent of both parties (irreconcilable differences) or No-Fault due to separation for 1 year. (Note: A 2-year separation will be required if you separated before December 2016.)

The process varies depending on the type of Divorce filed. Below is an example of the process involved in a No-Fault Divorce via written consent, with no equitable distribution (property division):

  • File Complaint for divorce.
  • You have 30 days to personally serve your spouse the Divorce Complaint (90 days if they live out of state.)
  • There is a 90-day mandatory waiting period after you serve the Complaint. Nothing can be done your case until this waiting period is completed.
  • After the waiting period has finished, if you have all the necessary documents signed by you and your spouse, you may file a request for a divorce decree.
  • The waiting period to receive the decree back varies, because it is up the Court/Judge to sign it; you can wait more than 30 days just to get your decree.

The process can be really straightforward, and, as you can see, is designed to allow people to Divorce without needing to go to court at all. The above example involves no property division. However, even if you have property to divide, you can still avoid court if you and your spouse can agree on how to divide assets and debts. The document is called a Property Settlement Agreement (PSA), and is filed with your final paperwork seeking a divorce decree. The PSA can address any and all concerns, including child or spousal support, custody, and even how you elect to file your taxes.

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